Antioch University

Inspired by the pioneering work of nineteenth-century educator Horace Mann, Antioch University is a vital, vocal advocate for higher education that promotes the common good, prizes experiential learning, and draws on the strength of a diverse academic community.

Established in 1964, the modern Antioch University traces its roots back to Mann’s visionary leadership of an independent, non-sectarian college founded in 1852.

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Antioch University serves more than 4,000 adult students around the world and across the country, online and at its five campuses in four states. Each campus offers degree programs that meet-and often anticipate-the pressing needs of its region and the wider world. Many programs are distinctive in their field. Our Los Angeles campus offers a top-ranked MFA in creative writing; our Santa Barbara campus offers an MA in education with an emphasis on social justice; our Midwest campus offers a cutting-edge program in conflict analysis. Some programs-the Green MBA at our New England campus; the Early College High School Initiative for Native American Youth developed by our Seattle campus-have changed their field entirely. The University is also home to the landmark PhD in Leadership and Change Antioch Education Abroad, an exceptional slate of immersive service and study programs.

Students work closely with our seasoned faculty-scholars, artists, and professionals with deep experience in their fields, a profound commitment to transformative learning, and the belief that our graduates will make a difference in their chosen professions and communities. Some students come to Antioch with high ideals; Antioch gives them tools and practices to bring those ideals to life. Others come to Antioch with tangible personal or professional goals; Antioch sets those goals in a broader context, giving them fresh meaning and purpose.

As a result, our global network of 30,000 alumni is marked by their commitment to enlightened leadership, global awareness, and lasting engagement with the concerns of their professions and their communities.

Together-students and alumni, faculty and staff-we form a visionary community that strikes a rare and essential balance between idealism and experience.

Antioch University is a private, non-profit 501©(3) institution.