MAE Research Engages Public, Other Students

Student Amy Kroes presents her research, “Reading Aloud as an Instructional Tool.”

Masters of Arts in Education students participated in the Annual Public Conversations about their Masters topics on June 4, 2014, at AUSB.

Graduate students prepared posters describing their inquiry question, methods, analysis, and findings and engaged with and explained their research to the public. The insights the students get from these conversations informs their research and helps them understand the implications of their research for the “Discussion” chapter of the thesis. This format was also helpful for AUSB undergraduate students in attendance to have the opportunity to engage with their peers and see and learn from what the Masters students are doing. 

Congratulations MAE Students! We’re proud of your good work. 

Ysenia Perez explains her thesis, “Evaluating Programs for Underrepresented Students.”


MAE students Alejandra Martinez and Ali Alvarado discuss Alejandra’s topic, “Evaluating Characteristics of Resilience in Freshman Community College Students.”

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