“Jeans for Giraffes” Fundraiser – now until June 21!


Reticulated Giraffe
Reticulated Giraffes

AUSB, in collaboration with the Santa Barbara Zoo, is having a “Jeans for Giraffes” fundraising drive, and we want you to join us. Until Wednesday, June 21 – World Giraffe Day – you can donate an old pair of jeans to raise money to protect giraffe populations.

Since the fundraiser began on April 22, contributions have been outstanding and have far exceeded expectations. All these jeans will be recycled and the funds are used to support giraffe research and protect giraffe populations. 

Giraffe populations in Africa have declined by more than 40% in the past 15 years. One sub-species, the reticulated giraffe, has declined by more than 80% in the same time. Estimates are that at this rate the reticulated giraffe will be extinct in 10 years. Poverty, lack of food, and the proliferation of automatic weapons have combined to create a dramatic increase in poaching.


Current conservation efforts require support and additional projects and research must be initiated. People living in areas with giraffes need to be educated and provided with alternative sources of income and food.

So, search through the back of your closet, ask your friends and neighbors, and then simply drop off your demin in the box in the AUSB main lobby or at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

For more info, visit www.jeansforgiraffes.org


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