AUSB’s Elizabeth Wolfson to Present at Two Conferences This Fall

Elizabeth WolfsonDr. Elizabeth Wolfson, chair of Antioch University Santa Barbara’s MA in Clinical Psychology program, will conduct presentations at two prestigious conferences this fall.

“Presenting my research and areas of interest at national and international conferences offers opportunity not only for interchange with knowledgeable and respected colleagues of all backgrounds and psychological orientations, but also to showcase the work we are doing at Antioch University Santa Barbara,” she said.

Dr. Wolfson will present a talk called “Developmental Perspectives and Clinical Interventions at the Crossroads of Midlife” at the Los Angeles County Psychological Association’s 2014 annual convention on Saturday, October 18 in Culver City. Dr. Wolfson will discuss how the life experience gained by one’s midlife creates an opportunity for personal growth and creativity. You can pre-register online until October 13.

“I am delighted to share my research on midlife with this gathering as it represents a component of what is addressed through the Concentration in Healthy Aging within our Master’s in Clinical Psychology program,” she said.

In November, Dr. Wolfson will travel to San Francisco to present “Reading, Writing and Winnicott: Reconstructing the Story of ‘I’ in the ‘Good Enough’ Space” at the 25th annual Interdisciplinary Conference of the International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education. Her presentation will use the works of D.W. Winnicott to compare psychotherapy to reading a story.

“I am particularly excited to talk with attendees about the creative, relational aspects of psychotherapy, which is so much of our focus in the MACP Program here at Antioch University Santa Barbara,” Dr. Wolfson said. “The presentation will address the nature of the therapist and client relationship as a reconstructing of the client’s personal narrative. In this sense both therapist and client are readers and writers, reshaping the client’s personal narrative, world view, and life experience moving forward. Is this not the purpose of psychotherapy?”

To register for this conference, which will be held November 6-8, visit

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