Accredited College Students Can Now Get From Here to There…with AUSB’s BA-to-MBA Pathway Program

AUSB-Pathway-featured-imageNow, SBCC and other community college students with the dream of earning a graduate degree can eliminate uncertainty, save on tuition, and set their academic and professional future on the fast track to success. Through Antioch University Santa Barbara’s innovative BA-to-MBA Pathway Program, eligible students will be accepted into the BA completion and MBA programs in advance, all while still attending SBCC or other community colleges. 

A special partnership between AUSB and SBCC ensures that qualified SBCC students will be guaranteed admission to Antioch’s BA and MBA programs, based on meeting specific academic criteria.

ATU-237 BA-to-MBA-Pathway-Chart

Those accepted into the Pathway Program will also receive a Pathway Grant to assist with tomorrow’s tuition: a $1,000 Pathway Grant will be applied toward the BA tuition, and a $3,500 Pathway Grant will be applied toward the MBA tuition. Current AUSB students accepted into this program will receive a prorated Pathway Grant based upon the amount of time left to complete their BA.

Combined with Antioch’s popular Bridge Program, which allows community college students to transfer into the BA Program with up to 80 units of credit, the Pathway Program makes the goal of earning an MBA degree extremely accessible, convenient and cost-effective.

Learn more about the Pathway Program at the June 29th Morning MBA Meet & Greet  or visit

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