PsyD Faculty Dr. Salvador Treviño Presents at Two Conferences

salvador-trevino-250Salvador Treviño, Ph.D., Clinical Faculty and Director of Practicum for AUSB’s Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, presented on Thursday, September 12 at the Latino Behavioral Health Institute’s Annual Conference in downtown Los Angeles. His presentation was entitled “Latino Immigration, Cultural Trauma and Cultural Complex: A Psychoanalytic/Phenomenological Examination of the Impact of Repeated Trauma of Immigration on the Individual and Collective Psyche.”

Read more about the 2013 LBHI conference.

In addition, Dr. Treviño has been accepted to present in New Orleans at the mid-winter conference of the National Council of Schools and Programs in Professional Psychology, January 20–25, 2014. His presentation will be on “Latino Mental Health, the Psychology of Racism, and Social Justice.“

Dr. Treviño has taught graduate level professional psychology for close to 15 years and lectures extensively on the theory and practice of child and adolescent psychology, character disorders, clinical skills development, Latino mental health, and psychoanalytic therapy.

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