“In Your Dreams” | Winter Edition of The AUSB Odyssey Now Available Online

The Winter 2013 AUSB ausb odysey winter.2013-640Odyssey, the “In Your Dreams” edition, is now available online.

This being winter, the nights are long but
getting shorter; and the occasional rain inspires us to
play groundhog, sleep-in, and dream about the year

Speaking of dreams, January 21st is Martin
Luther King Day. In 1963, fifty years ago, Dr. King
delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington
D.C. Ever since, his words have guided the conscience
of America and the world as we continue the struggle
against all forms of oppression. In a move both poetic
and symbolic, President Barak Obama rescheduled his
second inauguration for MLK Day. – Jeffrey Lovelace, Editor

The AUSB Odyssey is a student driven production designed to provide an opportunity for members of the AUSB community to shear their critical voices. It provides a unique opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and alumni of AUSB to share their written work including current news, literary works, photography, artwork, reviews, or pieces on social justice, business, health, or human interest.

Current and previous editions are available online.

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