“Villains & Monsters” | Fall Edition of The AUSB Odyssey Just Published

The Fall 2012 AUSB Odyssey, the “Villains & Monsters” edition, is now available online. The Summer 2012 edition of the Odyssey focused on the theme “Heroes.” The editorial staff thought it fitting to follow that up with the opposite extreme, “Villains.” Why?

In fiction, villains are fun. Erase the bad guy from any blockbuster book or movie and you have a bunch of latent heroes sleeping in, paying bills, and struggling with relationships, just like everyone else; yawn. But then pencil the villain back into the scene. Make him or her “empathy challenged,” and greedy for power, vengeance, or vanity. Only then can virtuous yet reluctant citizens rise to meet evil’s test, champions whose heroics enable the surviving characters to return to their grateful lives of sleeping in, paying bills and struggling with relationships. Without villains and monsters, what need have we for heroes?
Jeffery Lovelace, Odyssey Editor

The AUSB Odyssey is a student driven production designed to provide an opportunity for members of the AUSB community to shear their critical voices. It provides a unique opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and alumni of AUSB to share their written work including current news, literary works, photography, artwork, reviews, or pieces on social justice, business, health, or human interest.

Current and previous editions are available online.

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