Mark Fargo, AUSB Alum, helping students achieving their dreams and aspirations.

At 58, Mark Fargo (2010) received his master’s degree in Social Justice and Leadership from AUSB and the idea for the BASC Foundation grew out of those studies. What started out as a concept grew into a reality as he saw that he could help address many of his student’s needs they had not previously had access to that they so richly deserved.

The BASC Foundation goal is to provide critical financial support to help reward all deserving students in their career choices.  The purpose of the Foundation is to provide critical financial support to select student candidates who possess demonstrated needs as well as the desire and commitment to succeed in achieving their dreams and aspirations. The BASC Foundation wants to help those who are committed to furthering their education and career choices.

Mark graduated from Buena High School in 1971. He has lived in the county most of his 58 years. He fondly remembers mechanical drawing and woodshop in middle school (junior high) and photography and auto shop in high school. Mark and his friends all had hand held transistor radios they loved to tinker with if needed. Some of his friends showed non college bound talents that involved the use of their hands and critical thinking skills that are not university bound characteristics. This was the first view of the BASC bound student he saw and some of his friends did not attend college beyond Ventura College but have successful businesses that are applicable to BASC applications.

In Europe, Mark noticed a lot of people in his travels that owned their own businesses as they were directed into trade schools because they were not on track to attend a university. When Mark returned to the states he was unsure of his future. Getting books and tuition to play tennis helped motivate him to further his academic goals. Mark graduated cum laude from Cal State Stanislaus in 1976 and finished his teaching credential in 2001 at Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. At Pacifica High School in Oxnard he teaches psychology, sociology, cultural geography and occasionally health.

After 15 years in the public school atmosphere, Mark’s teaching only reinforces the need to commit to helping those non-college bound students get the help they need to become productive self-employed citizens that help themselves and their communities.

Mark exemplifies Antioch University’s mission  “…to empower students with the knowledge and skills to lead meaningful lives and to advance social, economic, and environmental justice.” We applaud his work with students and the community.

To learn more about the BASC Foundation check out their website,

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