Featured AUSB Graduate Teresa Pena Hibberd is a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

This week we feature Antioch University Santa Barbara graduate Teresa Pena Hibberd (M.A. Class of 2003) in our spotlight on alumni.

Teresa has applied her education in psychology successfully throughout her seventeen years of experience in the field of career counseling services.

The Antioch University Santa Barbara 2003 graduate received her Master's Degree in Psychology with an Area of Concentration in Career Counseling. Before attending AUSB Teresa graduated from the University of California at Davis with a major in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. Subsequently, she was hired as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor – Intern, in the state of Washington where the company contracted directly with the Department of Labor and Industries. Upon completion of her internship, Mrs. Hibberd was hired as a full fledge Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the largest Counseling/Human Recruitment Management company in the state of Washington.  
Teresa Pena Hibberd gained a considerable amount of experience by working directly with highly trained professionals. It was in 1994, that Hibberd decided to pursue, self-employment as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with offices in Santa Barbara and Ventura. Teresa is also fluent in Spanish a valuable skill that has made it easier to assist a broader number of clients with vocational and career counseling services, including micro-business developments as well as federal and civil assignments.  
In 2003, Teresa came to Antioch University Santa Barbara where she obtained an M.A., in the Psychology. While at AUSB Teresa continued to provide vocational rehabilitation counseling and consulted on civil cases. Throughout her professional experience, she's remained informed and up to speed on the economic changes, labor market demands, educational/academic programs and has participated in introductory as well as advanced MBTI psychological personality profile testing. Teresa is currently enrolled in law school to help her gain a broader understanding of the legal profession, while continuing to expand her professional capacities in the business community.  Her interests also include Business Law and Child Advocacy.

When asked about her experience at AUSB, Teresa Pena Hibberd said:

"At the time I attended Antioch Santa Barbara University, I lived only 15 minutes away from the campus. Although I worked in Ventura, morning to late afternoon, I never missed my evening classes and kept abreast of all of my homework assignments.  Plus, I enjoyed the convenience of attending weekend classes/seminars where I leisurely walked to the local coffee shop while enjoying conversations with my classmates. Some of my clinical courses helped me immensely, not only in gaining a better understanding of myself but in the application in my career counseling sessions. I believe that education is a life-long investment and "insight" is bliss :-)"

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Teresa shares this message on WHY she chose to attend Antioch University Santa Barbara:

"Since I attended primarily a science based Psychology program at the University of California at Davis, I wanted to enhance my skills by seeking an, applied Psychology program where I could gain clinical skills as well as advanced core science courses, which would enable me to become a more well-rounded professional. I also liked the multi-cultural classes offered at Antioch as they broaden my understanding of other cultures."

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