Featured AUSB Graduate Lorrie Thomas Ross is a Wild Web Woman

Lorrie Thomas RossWe turn our spotlight on Antioch University Santa Barbara graduate Lorrie Thomas Ross, The Marketing Therapist® – B.A. Class of 2003 and M.A. Class of 2008.

Lorrie Thomas Ross loves helping business professionals take full advantage of everything the world wide web has to offer.

The Antioch University Santa Barbara graduate put the power of her Antioch education to work by focusing her career on what she loves – web marketing! Her work as the head of a marketing agency, educator, author and speaker all ties into the wild web marketing world including: marketing strategy, branding, website optimization, search engine optimization, social media, and mobile, viral, and content marketing.

Lorrie is the CEO and Founder of Web Marketing Therapy, a full-service marketing agency launched in 2009. The agency is like a modern-day version of Mad Men – but this time it's not located on Madison Avenue or run by men. With her team of "Wild Web Women®" the she-geeky "marketing think-tank" of marketing strategics, social media gurus, account managers, creative copywriters, online advertising pros, web designers, and analysts. The Web Marketing Therapy team occupies a "virtual office space" throughout Santa Barbara County and beyond (Georgia, Oregon and London!). Her company donates 1% of their gross annual sales to 1% for the Planet to support environmental and health research.

Ross had the honor of speaking at AUSB’s 2011 Commencement ceremony, sharing her appreciation for the “Antioch experience.” When asked about her experience at Antioch University Santa Barbara, Lorrie Thomas Ross said:

"I chose Antioch because I wanted a more personal educational experience. I wanted to have access to my professors (not just a TA) and be a person, not a number in the classroom. Also, as a working professional, I loved the flexible hours and the accelerated degree program. The educational philosophy and approach was very much in line with my personal and professional values – I knew AUSB would be an investment that would last me my life!"

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In her trademark speaking style, Ross disseminates this positive message for prospective students of Antioch University Santa Barbara:

"Students need to know that choosing where they go to school is more than a brand name. It is about getting a quality education which sets the foundation for personal and professional success. I am who I am because of the educational experience I claimed at AUSB, both in my BA program (Major emphasis in Communications) and my Master's."

"I learned so much that has helped me achieve my goals. The experience is that you actually have an EXPERIENCE, it's not a degree mill, it's an amazing educational institution. AUSB is more than a school – it is a community that teaches you how to think. Honestly, I probably would have never finished my BA or MA if AUSB didn't exist, there was no other school out there that met my needs like they did."

Part of Lorrie's professional successes is the recent publication of her first book, The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Online Marketing, written as a learning guide with an entire semester's worth of wisdom, insight, and know-how on web marketing. With Ross' decade plus of online marketing and teaching expertise, readers are able to learn in easy terms how to communicate socially on a multitude of platforms to build credibility, visibility and sellability. These three points are the foundation for success on which Ross has based her marketing expertise.

Mrs. Ross' personal accomplishments include being nominated for the National Association of Women Business Owners "Spirit of Entrepreneurialism" awards for 2011. She also was featured in the "Who's Who in Advertising, Marketing & PR section of The Pacific Coast Business Times this Spring.

Ross teaches at UC Berkeley Extension and privately for corporations. She taught at UCSB Extension from 2005 to 2009. The USCB classes she taught for years are now taught by her Web Marketing Therapy teammate Nicki Gauthier. Ross's work has inspired and guided small business owners, entrepreneurs, and students, which illustrates her impact as an influential figure on the national marketing scene.

Lorrie Thomas Ross, MA, The Marketing Therapist®, is a marketing strategist, educator, writer, web marketing expert and speaker. She is the CEO of Web Marketing Therapy, a boutique marketing agency and training company that diagnoses, prescribes and guides healthy marketing solutions. For more information, please visit: http://www.webmarketingtherapy.com. Her book can be found at Amazon at www.tinyurl.com/onlinemarketingbook.

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  1. Antioch must be very proud of their stellar graduate Lorrie Thomas Ross. It was great to read her message your students.
    She’s a wonderful example of entretpreneurial innovation and finding a niche and filling it.

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