Featured AUSB Graduate Jennifer Freed is a Local Hero for Teens

This month we feature Antioch University Santa Barbara graduate Dr. Jennifer Freed – an accomplished author, educator, counselor and advocate for young adults in our community.

Dr. Jennifer Freed has always had young people's best interests at heart.

The Antioch University Santa Barbara 1982 graduate is a recognized expert on behavioral matters such as teen bullying, character development, marriage and family relationships, and diversity issues. She has provided thousands with the practical tools to compassionately reassess personal behaviors and make significant life changes.

Part of Jennifer's professional successes is the co-founding of the highly successful teen program called The Academy of Healing Arts (AHA!), which serves more than 1,000 families annually in the state of California and the Southwest.  The AHA! teen program is dedicated to the development of character, imagination, emotional intelligence, and social conscience in the participants.  In 2010 AHA! was awarded Youth Program of the Year by the City of Santa Barbara.

Jennifer's body of work includes an educational book series called "Become Your Best Self", which is targeted to teens and young adults.  In addition to the series Dr. Freed has published "The Ultimate Personality Guide", a popular interactive guidebook for understanding personality typologies.  Her latest book, "Lessons from Stanley the Cat: Nine Lives of Everyday Wisdom", was inspired by a beloved feline friend and is now a top seller on Amazon.com.

Dr. Freed's personal accomplishments include being the recipient of the Santa Barbara's Local Heroes Award in 2009. She also received the Hope Award from the Sierra Tucson Treatment Center in recognition of her innovative curriculum for high school teenagers.

Jennifer is the radio host of the popular radio program "Freed Up!" on voiceamerica.com.  In addition to her radio hosting, Dr. Freed has been a Guest Speaker at many locations both locally and statewide.  Her media appearances include Good Morning America, NPR, Sirius XM Radio, ABC and others.

When asked about her experience at Antioch University Santa Barbara, Dr. Freed said:

"I chose Antioch because it offered a more personal and progressive curriculum than other schools.  The campus and the instructors imparted a feeling of community and caring as well as a vision for academic excellence.  Antioch is a school where both the individual and the community are highly valued, and I am forever grateful that I chose a school where my personal contributions were part of a philosophy of what serves and promotes the well-being of others."

Read more about the Antioch Santa Barbara experience.

Jennifer Freed, Ph.D. has provided couples, families and individuals in the Santa Barbara area with effective communication, anger management, sexuality, parent-child communication, and drug and violence prevention for over 25 years. She is a licensed marriage and family counselor (MFT), group psychotherapist and educator.  Dr. Freed has lent her services to many local organizations including the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center, Family Violence Program and the Pacific Pride Foundation.  To learn more about our AUSB Alumnus visit her website at www.jenniferfreed.com.

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