Sustainable Business Students Tour LEED Airport Project

Professor Dawn Osborn had the opportunity to take her Sustainable Business Class on a tour of the Santa Barbara Airport, on February 14th.  This 952-acre property is the host to the Goleta Slough State Marine Park, the new Airline Terminal Project, and the LEED Gold Certified, Rental Car Turn Around Facility.

20 students met with Airport Director, Karen Ramsdell as she discussed the many aspects of running a “sustainable business.” As an Enterprise Fund, the Airport Department generates its revenues from rental of property and fees from various aviation related activities. No public tax dollars are used.

Professor Osborn writes: “The entire tour was amazing. Seeing the solar panels, the creek sedimentation, the pickle weed re-growth, the native birds, the new Airline Terminal building, learning about the LEED standards, etc., was extremely useful and important for my Sustainable Business class. I am incredibly impressed with what you (the Airport) have managed to accomplish out there and feel you are exhibiting successful leadership in sustainability and environmental justice in our area.”

A smaller group of students, who are doing their research project on the Santa Barbara Airport were able to meet with Jeff McKee, Superintendent of Maintenance, Andrew Bermond, Airport Planner (who led the tour), and Karen Ramsdell, Airport Director previous to the tour.


 All Photographs by Lynn Houston © 2011