4th Annual Scholars Day Progam

Please join us for our 4th Annual Scholars Day program for the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at AUSB.

Thursday, December 9, 2010,
1:30-3:30 PM
3rd Floor, Library, and Patio
Antioch University Santa Barbara
801 Garden Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Poster Presentations of Compelling Psychological-Legal Issues by 4th Year Doctoral Candidates and Students in the PsyD Program

Members of the academic, mental health, and legal communities are invited to support our practitioner-scholars, listen to their findings, and acknowledge their dedication and hard work.

1:30pm Poster Presentations Include:
BAILEY, Jennifer. (2010). When the Victim Won’t Tell: Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse in the Martin Case. National Center for Youth Law.

BELTRAN, Laura. (2010). Boy Scouts of America and National Capital Area Council v. District of Columbia Commission on Human Rights and Pool and Geller (2002).

CYR, Serena. (2010). Comfort v. Lynn (2005): Does Diversity in K-12 Schools Constitute a Compelling Government Interest?

GILDA, Rebecca. (2010). Terry Schiavo case in Bush v. Schiavo (2003): End of Life & Quality of Life Decision-Making.

GRAY, Lorraine. (2010). The Phenomenology of Innocence and the Compulsion to Confess.

GUNNELS, Jenna. (2010). The Right to Love: Should Lesbian Couples be Denied the Right to have a Family? Boseman v. Jarrell (pending), filed March 2010.

OLGUIN, Vanessa. (2010). Under Age: Facing A Life Sentence Without the Possibility of Parole in Graham & Sullivan v. Florida (2010). Juvenile Offender Sentencing as Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

2:30 Poster Presentations Include:
PAYNE, Clandis. (2010). Race v. What Matters: Grutter v. Bollinger (2003). Affirmative Action and Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

ROBBINS, Kimberly. (2010). What is the Standard for Determining Mental Illness to Preclude Execution vs. Lifetime Institutionalization? An examination of Panetti v. Quarterman on the death penalty.

RUIZ, Martha. (2010). Psychotherapist-Patient Privilege and the Dangerous Patient Exception: Menendez v. State of California (1992). Supreme Court of California.

SHOR, Carolynn. (2010). United States v. Gomes (2002): Involuntary Medication and Competency to Stand Trial.

SMITH, Lamar. (2010). Parenting Efficacy with Gay and Lesbian Parents: Proposition 8 Overlooks Psychological Research. Analysis of In re Marriage Cases, Judicial Council Coordination Court of Appeal First Appellate District.

WEISSMAN, Dustin. (2010). Prohibition of a gay couple to adopt in Florida. In re matter of adoption of XXG and NRG (pending case in Florida)-brief filed June 2009.

WYNER, Garret. (2010). Can Authenticity, Empathy and Compassion be Taught? On Moral Responsibility and Biological Assessments of Criminality and Psychopathy. Reflections on Roper v Simmons (2005).

For further information contact Dr. Lipinski: (805) 962-8179 x323 or blipinski@antiochsb.edu